PHC GROUP offers superior program planning services. Our certified program and evaluation specialists remain current with industry standards and adhere to guidelines set forth in their respective continued education credentialing bureaus. Our professional team of program planners and evaluations meet with clients to discuss the appropriateness of proposed programs.  

Utilizing state-of-the-art software, PHC GROUP guarantees advanced approaches that highly exceeds our clients' expectations. Thorough needs assessments are conducted and collected—surveying the scope of anticipated projects and community or client needs. PHC GROUP utilizes strategic planning that involves a variety of elements including identifying program need and capacity, planning for resource allocation and use.  Effective program planning improves long-term sustainability, greatly minimizes risks, reduces scope "creep" and prevents unwanted interruption of services and gaps in delivery.  

We are committed to the entire process leading to and including implementation - assuring service delivery, critical event response, and exceptional program activities and outcomes plans.