Need to evaluate programs?  Let our team of evaluation experts determine the necessity and efficacy of your programs. Utilizing state-of-the-art software and proven best practice models, PHC GROUP guarantees advanced approaches that exceeds our clients' expectations. Thorough needs assessments are conducted and collected—examining the project scope and stakeholder needs. PHC GROUP strategically assesses program impact and effectiveness using replicable and effective mixed-methods approaches.

All evaluation efforts incorporate stakeholder and sponsor interests for a more diverse perspective. Stakeholders are included from inception to closing—a critical path that delivers and ensures increased awareness and commitment to the evaluation process.  Analysts and project specialists work in concert to measure, examine and certify pre-post data, and provide clients with interpreted findings and recommendations for next steps. Final elements including raw data, reports and presentations are delivered on schedule and within budget for future replication.

PHC GROUP promotes consistent interaction with all parties of interest, thereby increasing adherence to policies and credibility of findings. 

Our clients remain confident in PHC GROUP's ability to select appropriate material that is both accurate and time-sensitive. PHC GROUP guarantees quality, and maintains an open-door policy for clients to address unforeseen concerns, changes to statement of work and/or scope modification prior to delivery.