Need to evaluate programs?  Let our team of evaluators determine the necessity and efficacy of your programs. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, PHC GROUP guarantees advanced approaches that highly exceeds our clients' expectations. Thorough needs assessments are conducted and collected—surveying the scope of anticipated projects and community or client needs. PHC GROUP utilizes strategic planning that involves a variety of elements including identifying program need and capacity, planning for resource allocation and use, assuring service delivery, preparing to respond to critical events, and evaluating program activities and outcomes.

All evaluation efforts ensure the interest for diverse perspectives of relevant stakeholders and represented throughout the evaluation process. Stakeholders are included from the beginning for an increased awareness of commitments to the evaluation process.  We promote regular interaction with all interested parties which greatly increases the chances that stakeholders will adhere to subsequent recommendations that may affect our clients activities, and increase the credibility of any evaluation findings. 

Our clients remain confident in PHC GROUP's ability to select appropriate material that is both accurate and time-sensitive. PHC GROUP guarantees quality, and maintains an open-door policy for clients to address unforeseen concerns and/or modifications prior to delivery.