PHC GROUP provides public health management and business development consulting services at the local, state, federal and national level.  Our services extend to various business structures including professional associations, community-based and public health-specific organizations including:

  • Regulatory agencies

  • Managed care organizations

  • Hospitals and clinics

  • Insurance companies

  • Relief agencies

  • Retail organizations

  • Consulting firms

  • Crisis centers

  • International organizations

  • Entertainment agencies

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Health services delivery organizations

  • Freight and hauling service businesses

  • Substance abuse centers and agencies

  • Centers for the aging

  • International agencies

  • Pharmaceutical and hospital supply firms

  • Advocacy groups

  • Professional organizations

  • Federal, state, and local government agencies

  • Industry and business

  • Private research firms

  • Public and private foundations

  • Retail companies

  • Fitness communities

  • Think tanks

  • Colleges and universities

Our team of professionals demonstrate collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience in various areas of Public Health including planning and management; social marketing and health communications; education and training needs assessments, capacity assessments; program and business development, implementation, and evaluation of prevention education and training programs across setting modalities.

Committed to the quality of life, PHC GROUP nurtures relationships - building respectful and honest coalitions through coordinated and collaborative efforts. Our team undergoes regular trainings to remain abreast on new(er) technologies and methodologies, and are well-versed in marketing business services for a competitive edge. We will suggest and implement strategies to reflect ever-evolving social marketing and media advancements.

PHC Group goes above and beyond. With their diverse service mix, and thoughtful delivery, our company has come to expect the best!
— T. R. Reiser

PHC GROUP, LLC incorporates attractive, itemized, visibly stimulating templates, and customized views for information dissemination and clarity. Our tenured professional staff are seasoned senior-leveled experts cross-trained on various public health policy and business practices - incorporating their experience and knowledge for thorough, responsive and highly-remarkable service. We pride ourselves as the dependable organization with highly qualified and experienced staff who care about our customers and take pride in our deliverables. PHC GROUP offers top-class business experiences with flawless execution to customers.

Our Mission

PHC GROUP's mission is to provide customized Any-Everywhere Service™ solutions and tools that are effective and reliable to assist others in managing business, designing programs and supporting communities around the world.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

PHC GROUP provides and maintains high-quality deliverables using modern and contemporary technologies. Deliverables are customized to the need and expectations of existing and prospective clients. Yielding to an objective, non-biased yet sensitive approach to many business and pressing public health concerns, PHC GROUP incorporates and designs qualitative and quantitative studies while maintaining the gold standard of providing a satisfaction guarantee for all services.