PHC GROUP provides public health and management solutions across communities, spanning all levels of government.  Our services span various structures, including professional associations, community-based and public health-specific organizations not limited to:

  • Regulatory agencies
  • Managed care organizations
  • Health care systems
  • Relief agencies
  • Crisis centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Private research firms
  • Colleges and universities

Our team of professionals collectively demonstrate compelling knowledge of public health and management competencies including program design, social marketing and health communications, education and training,  needs assessments, program implementation, and program evaluation.

Committed to the quality, PHC GROUP  nurtures relationships that reflect respect and honesty. Our synergistic partnerships lends itself to strategic alliance that maximize effort and ensure excellence. Our team undergoes regular training to remain abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies for a competitive edge. We will suggest and implement strategies to reflect ever-evolving social marketing and media strategies.

PHC Group goes above and beyond. With their diverse service mix, and thoughtful delivery, our company has come to expect the best!
— T. R. Reiser

PHC GROUP incorporates attractive, visibly stimulating templates, and customized views for information dissemination and clarity. Our tenured professional staff are seasoned senior-leveled experts cross-trained on various public health and business practices. Each incorporates his or her own experience and knowledge for thorough, responsive and highly-marketable service. We reputably support communities with a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals, and flawless execution of customizable business solutions.

Our Mission

PHC GROUP's mission is to provide customized Any-Everywhere Service™ solutions and tools that are effective, and reliable to assist others in managing business, designing programs and supporting communities around the world.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

PHC GROUP provides and maintains high-quality deliverables combining traditional and contemporary technologies. Our deliverables are customized to the need and expectations of clients. Honoring best practices that address many pressing public health concerns, PHC GROUP recognizes the the importance of systematic processes, and maintains the gold standard of evidenced-based research.