PHC Group, LLC incorporates attractive, itemized, visually stimulating templates, and customized views for information dissemination and clarity.  Our tenered staff of grant writers and professional reviewers are seasoned senior-leveled experts trained across numerous public health sectors. Abreast on public health funding opportunities and funder modifications, PHC Group, LLC professionals are cross-trained on various public policies - thus incorporating their experience and knowlege for thorough and highly-remarkable service and return on investment. 

During the grant writing process, clients and PHC Group, LLC consultants will convene meetings  to discuss business needs, expectations, time-frames, gather and extrapolate data, and address concerns. Our skilled grant writers maximize detail, specificity and attractiveness using high-quality material which is incorporated in all final deliverable submissions. Adding to our  quarantee for superior service, PHC Group, LLC leverage copy editors to minimize grammatical and structural errors.

Our dedication to excellence and personalized service builds trust, and defines purpose throughout the process. Personalized services aid to ensure superior quality and prompt deliverables. Highly qualified and dedicated consultants and staff ensure accuracy and thoroughness – thus saving clients time and resources.